On paper


There are stories that are stranger than fiction. People belonging to worlds we don’t understand. We feel drawn to them throughout our curiosity. To portrait others is to remember who we are.


There is a moment which is absolutely sublime. Wondering if others can see what I can. Yearning constantly for that shudder through the spine. Trying to figure out who we are in the picture.


A project is a beast that I love to ride and give it all that I can. There is a passion in enabling for things to happen. It´s the ability to response and command a mission, until I just know it is right.


Born in 1984, in a Mexican, German, Ecuadorian home in Guayaquil. Early in life I was surrounded by geology, archeology, art, poetry and lots of cheap telenovelas. I grew with a healthy curiosity and developed an interest for story telling. Early in my life I discovered my first love, analog photography.

Since 2004 I relocated to Germany, where I studied Film and Photography. From the beginning I focused my studies on documentary film making. My early works where one man guerrilla projects portraying Subcultures. Mutants Fly (2010) is a short portrait about the Body Modification scene of Berlin. Circus (2013) was a photojournalistic project about the life of circus performers in poor conditions. Journalists behind the headlines (2015) is a portrait about Israeli and Palestinian war photographers in Jerusalem.


Today my work is focused on Public History, Urbanism and Politics. The stories I portray are told with an unpretentious approach of a balanced verité, far from a classic visual anthropology, always searching for humor and respectfully ignoring the concept of objectivity. Compelling stories should speak for themselves, without me as a narrator.I accept all my characters as the multidimensional creatures that they are.

From Latin America, South Africa until the Middle East, I know to be a local anywhere. I have also worked with a wide arrange of Institutions, like the municipality of Frankfurt am Main, the city of Offenbach, the office of urbanism of Frankfurt, the University of Design of Offenbach, Internationaler Bund, Ethnographic Museum Frankfurt, Communication Museum Frankfurt, Vice Media and several other agencies and free artists.